The Westfjords

imageThe Westfjords of Iceland – that claw-shaped area in the northwest corner of the country – is one of the most remote, yet rewarding, destinations for visitors, many of whom describe it as Iceland’s most beautiful region. Eagle Air flies to two destinations in the Westfjords, allowing you to visit some truly unforgettable natural gems.

Highlights from the Westfjords

  • Látrabjarg: The westernmost point of Europe is also famous for its incredible birdlife. Millions of birds nest along the cliff here, Europe’s largest bird cliff.
  • Dynjandi WaterfallDynjandi waterfall: Dynjandi is actually a series of six cascading waterfalls, behind some of which it is possible to walk. The entire area is a nature reserve. Dynjandi is one of the most photogenic waterfalls in Iceland.
  • Raudisandur: Taking a stroll along this isolated beach, one of Iceland’s hidden gems, is an unforgettable experience.
  • Wildlife: This region is a haven for all sorts of wildlife, from the famous bird cliffs at Látrabjarg to tens of thousands of puffins to the elusive Arctic fox.
  • Museums: The Westfjords houses some of Iceland’s quirkiest and most memorable museums, including the nation’s oldest botanical garden and the popular museum of witchcraft.
  • Hiking trips: The Westfjords are a hiker’s paradise. Majestic fjords, almost total isolation, natural hot springs and spectacular scenery are what attract people to this region. You will need to bring your own tent for overnight trips.