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Westfjords Iceland


Your home amid the magic and beauty of Iceland’s Westfjörds

Icelanders have a special fondness for the craggy mountains and crystal-clear waters of the country’s northwest region, the spectacular Westfjörds.  Iceland was born here in fountains of fire, and the fantastic mountains of stone left behind have been sculpted by millions of years of wind and ice into some of the most breathtaking vistas anywhere on Earth.  

Whether your tastes include hiking magnificent mountains, sunbathing on red-sand beaches, or enjoying the incredible variety of wildlife that makes its home at the top of the world, the Westfjörds are sure to be your new favorite destination.  Every vista sparkles in the clear air and every turn brings more beauty to fill your eyes and heart.  From the moment you begin your adventure, you‘ll see the truth of the Icelandic saying “Westfjörds are best fjords!”

Map - flight from Reykjavík to Bíldudalur
Flight schedule
Valid until 30 September 2020

From Reykjavík to Bíldudalur

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun   Departure Arrival
        11:30 12:10
            12:00 12:40

From Bíldudalur to Reykjavík

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun   Departure Arrival
        12:30 13:10
            13:00 13:40

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Bíldudalur € 157.20 € 178.48 € 206.00 € 132.80 € 32.00
  • Online offer € 157.20
  • Economy € 178.48
  • Standard € 206.00
  • Child 2-11 € 132.80
  • Infant € 32.00


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Látrabjarg: Europe’s largest and happiest wildlife home

The westernmost part of Iceland and of Europe itself, Látrabjarg is home to millions of sea birds, including the colorful and comical puffin.  Protected by sheer cliff walls rising hundreds of meters from the sea, Látrabjarg is a place where predators never venture and the wildlife feels at home.  You can hike on your own along the top of the cliffs to watch the birds (who will often come to watch you as well!) or take one of the many guided tours available to get the most out of your time here.

Puffins at Látrabjarg
Rauðisandur beach

Rauðasandur: deep blue waters and shimmering red sands

Among Iceland’s many stunning ocean vistas, the views seen along lengthy expanse of Rauðasandur (literally, the “red beach”) are in a class by themselves.  Here, the black volcanic sands usually found on Icelandic shores give way to finely-grained sands that seem to shimmer in the sunlight, changing colors from gold to red with each step you take.  Perfect for sunbathing in summer or hiking year-round, the beach has a nearby campground and is just a short distance away from the magnificent bird cliffs of Látrabjarg.

Dynjandi: crown jewel of Icelandic waterfalls

Consisting of seven major waterfalls stacked one atop another, the majestic Dynjandi is one of Iceland’s best-known sights.  The first falls tumble a hundred meters from the top of giant cliff before cascading through a series of smaller yet equally-beautiful falls, all of which are easily accessible along a short trail that provides beautiful views of the falls and of the fjord beyond.  It takes only about 15 minutes to make the climb, but you‘ll want to take your time – sights like this are too good to hurry! 

Dynjandi waterfall

The Saga Trails: your link to the time of the Vikings

Among Iceland’s most important treasures are the sagas, stories of adventure and intrigue from the days of the earliest Viking settlers.  One of the best-known sagas involves Gísli Súrsson, who came to the Westfjörds a thousand years ago from ancient Norway and soon found himself caught up in a web of passion, vengeance, and murder.  Declared an outlaw for avenging his blood-brother’s killing, the resourceful and charismatic Gísli outwitted his pursuers for thirteen years before time and fate finally claimed him.  Historical markers depicting key events in the Gísli saga can be found throughout the Westfjörds, and tour guides in the town of Þingeyri (Thingeyri) can help you retrace the steps of this famous warrior to gain a deeper understanding of life in the days of the Vikings!  

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