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Seven destinations with year-round possibilities, air charter services and day tours to Iceland’s most beautiful places

Winter tours

Experience exciting Adventure tours in Iceland’s pure nature
Experience the Northern Lights in the stunning surroundings of Vatnajökull Glacier and Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon.
€ 725
October - April
Explore this unique phenomenon in the area of Lake Mývatn and North East Iceland.
€ 725
October - April
Day tour visiting the highlights of the stunning Westman Islands.
€ 395
October - April

Summer tours

Let us take you on an unforgettable trip showing the sharply contrasting faces of Iceland’s natural features
Explore the magnificent Jökulsárlón and other glacier lagoons at your own pace.
€ 460
May - September
Super jeep tour in the breathtaking mountains and canyons of Vatnajökull national park.
€ 655
May - September
A day tour to Húsavík, known as the whale watching capital of Europe.
€ 495
April - October

Air tours

See our country with Eagle’s eyes and get a bird’s eye view of Icelands most beautiful places
An unforgettable trip showing the sharply contrasting faces of Iceland’s natural features.
€ 495
May - September

Charter flights

Air Charter

Our aircraft are well suited for flights in Iceland, Greenland, the Faroe Islands and Europe. When speed and safety are at the top of the agenda, Eagle Air offers the most economic service if all variables are taken into account

Ambulance flights

Eagle Air has decades of experience in air ambulance flights, and offers very well equipped and powerful aircraft for that type of flight, whether in Iceland, Greenland Scandinavia or Europe. The planes have large doors and a stretcher with the patient can easily be loaded and unloaded.

Photography Flight

Eagle Air has aircraft which are well suited for aerial photography, livestock inventory, and other similar projects. These assignments can be undertaken in Iceland or abroad, and over land or sea. We can cover all of the region's landscapes, allowing you to capture the beauty of the nature in a unique way.