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North Iceland


Gentle giants and alien landscapes at the edge of the Arctic Circle

Nestled between the mountains and fjords of northeastern Iceland, Húsavík has the distinction of being home to the country’s first Viking settlers.  Less than an hour from the capital by air, it remains one of the most beautiful and fascinating destinations in all of Iceland.  The harbor hosts daily expeditions that tour Skjálfandi Bay, home to humpback whales, orcas, dolphins, and other majestic marine mammals.  In summer, brightly-colored puffins flock to the bay and nest on the cliffs of nearby Lundey Island.  Tour companies offer a wide variety of sightseeing options to fit your schedule and budget.

Map - flight from Reykjavík to Húsavík
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Valid 1 September 2019 - 31 May 2020

From Reykjavík to Húsavík

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From Húsavík to Reykjavík

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Home of discovery and exploration

The history and natural wonders of Húsavík are ready for you to explore the moment you arrive in town.  The Whale Museum, an educational institute recognized by the Icelandic Ministry of Education, is located at the edge of the harbor.  It hosts studies on the habitats and biology of whales and other cetaceans, and contains many fascinating and informative exhibits, including the preserved skeletons of whales and "unicorn of the sea," the narwhal.  

The Exploration Museum features Húsavík‘s important role in discovery and science, from the earliest Viking journeys to the Space Age.  Some of the first ships to cross from the North Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean used the town as their base, and the Apollo astronauts trained here before their first moon landings.  

Ásbyrgi, north Iceland

Ásbyrgi Canyon: the backpacker's paradise

With its massive cliffs and broad plains created by glacial flooding thousands of years ago at the end of the last Ice Age, Ásbyrgi Canyon is located a short drive north of town.  Carved from solid stone by a river more powerful than the Amazon and Mississippi rivers combined, it serves as an awesome reminder of the raw power of nature.

Lake Mývatn: where fire and water collide

One of the most popular destinations in Iceland, Lake Mývatn boasts incredible coves, islands, and rock gardens formed where lava flowed into the shallow lake over 2,000 years ago.  Warm waters from the nearby volcanoes make it a year-round home for trout, salmon, and waterfowl, and the mineral-rich Mývatn Nature Baths are a welcome place to relax after a day of hiking or other adventures.

Víti at Krafla

Krafla: an alien world within your grasp

Iceland’s world-renowned geothermal power industry was born in the caldera of the Krafla volcano almost 50 years ago and continues to thrive today.  Here, engineers and geologists work to expand the use of power from the earth among heated ponds, mud pots, and sulfur-rich steam vents that combine with snow-covered mountains to create a landscape unlike any in the world.

Dettifoss: the power and glory of nature

Europe‘s most powerful waterfall, Dettifoss beckons just a short distance from Lake Mývatn and Krafla.  Featured as part of an alien landscape in the movie Prometheus, Dettifoss exemplifies Hollywood‘s fascination with the natural beauty of Iceland.

Dettifoss, north Iceland

Goðafoss: waterfall of the gods

This cascade’s name hints at its place in history: a thousand years ago when Iceland converted to Christianity, the nation’s leaders threw their pagan idols into its raging waters.  Goðafoss literally means the waterfall of the gods, and from the delicate curves of the falls to the fierce flows in the canyon below, it is a name truly well-earned.

Build your own adventure!

Húsavík can be the base for your own expeditions, too.  Otherworldly landscapes and awe-inspiring vistas await visitors with a rich variety of options to meet every taste for adventure.  Your flight to Húsavík will be just the start of the adventure of a lifetime!

Dimmuborgir in Mývatn
Tours in and around this destination
Exploring the Lake Mývatn area and the natural wonders of North Iceland.
€ 485
October - April
an exciting trip by fast RIB boat and witness the biggest creatures on earth and the puffins, ”Clowns of the Ocean”, up close.
€ 650
15 April - October
Exploring the town of Húsavík, Lake Mývatn area and the natural wonders of North Iceland.
€ 445
May - September
A day tour to Húsavík, known as the whale watching capital of Europe.
€ 495
April - October
Exploring the town of Húsavík, Lake Mývatn area and the natural wonders of North Iceland.
€ 445
Oktober - April
Sightseeing tour exploring Lake Mývatn area and the natural wonders of North Iceland.
€ 670
May - September
Explore this unique phenomenon in the area of Lake Mývatn and North East Iceland.
€ 725
October - April